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Our Classes

Holistic Multi-Aged Learning Environments

Crafts & Visual expression

Socio-emotional development

Musical Activities

culture competence

Physical Well-being

spiritual & Ethics education

Language Arts


Science & environmental exploration

Our Philosophy


Peer Mentoring

Younger children observe older children enjoying advanced, challenging activities and this inspires them. They look to older children for guidance, and older children have the opportunity to serve as mentors and take on leadership roles. Leading, whether by modeling classroom procedures or helping a younger student with adding numbers, is a critical experience for a child.

Self Guided Learning

Our nurturing teachers and assistants focus on guiding each child according to their own strengths and abilities. Each child is viewed as a unique individual.

 The focus becomes the child’s learning rather than the adult’s teaching. Children are invited to take charge of their learning and are given more opportunities to choose what activities interest them. This sense of “ownership” and self-direction is the foundation for lifelong learning.


Educational Experiences

Prosper offers classes Monday-Thursday. We provide uninterrupted learning blocks to encourage core skill development along with individual growth plans, observational progress monitoring, and Parent Teacher Conferences.

Your family is valued. Education begins at home and our certified professionals guide families to have a new outlook on their child's education. We inspire students within the classroom and collaborate with parents to establish holistic learning at home. We partner with homeschooling families or families that wish to begin homeschooling their children. Our hybrid program allows families to attend our school two days per week. We provide resources, direction, and a community for your family to thrive. 

Project Based Learning

Prosper Academy utilizes Finnish Education Philosophies and Practices to create an environment that encourages Individualized & Group Experiential Learning. Project-based learning leads children to construct their own knowledge through thoughtful exploration with the teachers’ guidance and support. We believe that children’s learning is not limited to specific activities or the classroom. Every situation and moment is a chance to learn something new. We encourage children to persevere and try again because it builds resilience and determination, both of which are key abilities in lifelong learners. Being able to connect different fields of knowledge and skills is the foundation for personal growth, studying, working and civic engagement both now and in the future. Our curriculum covers a wide variety of learning areas so that children acquire many different skills and abilities that will contribute to their transversal competence.

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